Role of a teacher inside and outside the class

Teaching is one of the powerful professions in this world. Most of the people choose their profession as a teacher because they find satisfaction in teaching profession. It is great thing to share knowledge and information with others. Teachers play an essential role in this process of sharing knowledge with others. More than teaching teachers serve lots of other role in student’s life. Teachers are the real hero of every student. They help students to attain success both in academic as well as personal life. A best teacher can build good atmosphere in classrooms, guide their students to right path, take care each and every activities of students etc. That is we can say that role of a teacher not only limited inside the classrooms but they also have great role outside the classroom.

One of the common roles of teacher is to teach knowledge to their students. This is the primary responsibility of every teacher. As a teacher they have to meet all the requirements of their curriculum. So that, teachers are mainly focus to meet their primary duty as teaching proper knowledge to their students. So that teachers use different interesting methods and approaches for the successful learning activities. Creating a good class atmosphere is the secondary duty of a best teacher. Every students wish to study in a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere. It makes students studies more easy and comfortable for them. Teachers full support is necessary for build such kind of class atmosphere. If a teacher is too serious and not mingling with their students, they feel difficult to catch what he is teaching and also them afraid to ask any doubt with him. These kinds of situation can never create a good classroom atmosphere. But students can easily mingle with a free minded teacher. So they can create a positive classroom atmosphere. Social behavior is necessary for teachers within the classrooms.

It is important that, teacher should be a role model for their students in class rooms. Usually no teacher think like as a role model but unfortunately they are. Students spend their better portion of the time with their teachers so that they are the role model for students. Most of the times students follow the way teacher approach to them. Students absorb both positive and negatives of their teachers easily. It means that teachers are the role model for their students. It is the responsible of the teacher to teach their students to love, care, and motivate other when they need our support. We know that teachers are one of the respectable personalities in our society. As a teacher, try to become a role model for students and other individual in our society.

Mentoring and coaching are the most important responsibility of the teacher inside and outside the classroom. Mentoring can have positive or negative consequences on students. Mentoring is a way an educator motivates and encourages students to endeavor to be as well as can be expected. This additionally incorporates motivate students to enjoy learning. Listening to students is one of the best ways of mentoring or coaching. By setting aside opportunity to listen in to what their students says instructors give to student a permission of possession in the classroom. This helps assemble their certainty and encourages them need to be successful. Also teacher should be a good protector of their students. We know that students spend their greater part with their teachers. So it is easy for teachers to identify any changes in their behavior or nature. A best teacher can easily identify the sign of any changes or trouble that faced by students it may be due to other than academic related. As a teacher one should enquire about the sudden changes or depressions that see in their students. We know that today lots of student abuses are happening, a teacher can easily identify physical and psychological changes in their students. It is not based on the academic curriculum, but it is also the duty of every instructors. Counseling to students is another important role of a great teacher. It is common that students always remember the teacher who support, motivate or give moral guide for the successful life. Along with academic lessons, teachers are also responsible to teach the moral value to their students. Moral knowledge is necessary to live in this modern era because today people are focusing on their own matter.

Most of the parents send their child to school only to acquire academic knowledge. They think that it is the important thing that needed for the successful life. Actually it is not true. Both academic related and no academic related knowledge are important for the success of students. But always think that teachers are one of the capable people who can build a student with success academically and no academically. It is the responsibility of every teacher makes their student’s future safe and secure. These are the important and essential responsibility of every teacher.