Is all child get proper love and care from their parents?

The parent’s role in a student’s life is far. The parent’s involvement is more important for the student’s success. Today, most of the parent’s thinking; only the teacher’s role is the student’s success. This is a big fault for the parents. A student academic success is mainly depended on her parent. All students are more expecting the parents love and care. The parent’s involvement is more important on a student. Their interaction is giving the confidence and courage to the students for doing the activities. The continues support of the parents is an main factor for the student’s academic result, The parents support improving the student’s academic progress. The parent’s involvement is more important for the student’s elementary level education. The parent’s involvement is more helpful to doing their homework. He/she doing the homework very easily and accurately, the students will get good marks on the exams and improving the grade of class activity also changing the student’s behavior. The students will show self esteems and worth, also improving the students confidence for doing the work. That means the parent support is more essential for the student success. Parents are the student’s first role model and first teacher. So the role of the parents is also very large. Parents are the student’s best teacher. The parents look their child perfectly, that means look the children activities, make a contact with the class teacher of the child, check the bag and note books of the child every day, clear the doubts of the child , teaching the moral values, give instructions about all around the world, give support for developing their own skills, interests. Don’t pressure for the student for doing the parents interest, it reduces the students confidence and interest. The all child is more expecting her parent’s involvement. Many activities are more helpful for the child to the success at school. The home atmosphere is another important factor.

So some of the helpful tips for the parents are; Create good and pleasant atmosphere. That is without quarrels and arguments, Make a comfortable study room; contain table, chair, table lamp, shelf, etc and encourage the child to doing her homework well and support the child to getting good mark for the exams, share the personal experience with the child, make safe and secure feel. The home is the perfect place for sharing the feelings and solving the issue. The aware of parents interest in his child is improves the children interest on study. That is, the children’s are taking more effort for the happy of parents. The parents love and caring are more effecting throughout the student’s life. Today all parents are very busy; they are not get the time for spending with her child. The pre schooling is the main solution for this problem. Most of the parents are choosing the pre schooling method. The pre schooling method gives a great relaxation to the parents but the child feeling more unhappiness. Most of the parents think the teachers are the main partner of the student’s education. We know the parents are the good friend, teacher, and good partner for the children. So all are give more freedom to the child and interact very closely. It will improve the student’s confidence and getting good result on his educational activities. All parents take time for spending with her child and talk with him, it is more helpful to the parents and child because it reducing the tension, pressure and also refreshing the mind. Another main advantage is that, there is no secret for the parent and child. The parent’s involvement more affecting the child, they want care and love at the proper time.