Importance of physical education in present educational system

Physical education plays an important role in our present educational system more than a four wall classroom teaching. It is one of the best concept that to include the physical education in academic curriculum. It helps to build a good and strong student. We can utilize the extra time for the physical education for the better growth. Regularly involve in physical activity good for the healthy body and mind. According to the age level, the factor of physical education may vary. The age of person is an important criterion when we involve in different kinds of physical education. One of the important aims of physical education in school is to allow students to improve their maximum possible level of movement. Physical educator should be responsible to consider different aspect such as to train the suitable physical activities for age group.

School and college physical education mainly focuses on sports events, physical exercises, different kinds of games etc. Today most of the school syllabus includes physical education in their academic curriculum. Physical education in schools or college mainly focuses to train to build good physical, mental, behavioral characteristics of a student. Physical exercise is necessary to maintain healthy and wealthy body. We know that students get tired after the hour of academic classes in school and other academic activities. Some organized style of physical exercise gives them relaxation and help them to keep away from all the worries and problems. This is the main reason most of the students wish to involve in physical activities even they are in busy schedule.

Today most of the academic institution considers physical education physical education is one of the most essential training that needed during their educational life. Every school allows some space for playground. Playground is the primary requirement in every school because it is the best place to train students physically. We can see that in most of the school students participate in different physical activities after the class works. This will help them to relax from the entire academic burden. There are lots of benefits while we include the physical education in our modern educational system. Some of them are below:

  • We know that students are inbound with lots of qualities such as physical, intelligent, social etc. All such kind of qualities can develop with the help of different physical activities that are in the part of physical education.
  • There are many physical activities that help to the proper functioning of the body of the people. It provides the flexibility and strength to the person who involve in physical activities. It is good for the health of human being to participate in physical trainings.
  • Another important aspect of physical activity is to develop different kinds of logical inherited qualities in students. With proper physical training, it is easy to develop such kinds of skills.
  • Physical educations strengthen the mind of students. We know that some people are so sensitive and get emotional immediately. But we can change this behavior with the help of proper physical education.
  • We know that, not all the people following the same culture. If a group participates in a physical activity, culture, behavior, qualities of different people are different. So it is the best opportunity for students to understand the different circumstance and life style. Also they can learn more from their colleagues.
  • Many good and beneficial characters will be developed with good physical trainings such as leadership qualities, good behavior, etc will develop in each person.
  • Physical education at schools mainly focuses on the sports and games. So it is the best opportunity for them to study more about the rules and way of games. It will help them to know more about the new techniques about the different games.
  • Physical activities best for human muscular and nervous system and help to keep our body in proper physical and mental condition. Physical activities help to the circulation of the blood in proper way.
  • Sport activities mainly as a group activity. When these kinds of activity conduct on a school or colleges, people accrue many qualities such as leadership qualities, coordination qualities, self confidence etc. Which will help to the success of entire life span of a person.
  • Many physical activities help people to involve deeply in games or physical activities and help them to forget about all the worries. So this is one of the best methods to overcome from all the worries in their life.

From the above discussion we know that physical education plays an important role in modern educational system. People get lots of benefits while they participate in different physical activities. So that today many teachers are trained in physical education to train their students in that field. So we can conclude that it is one of the essential factors that needed to include in our educational system.