As a student, how can I maintain the relationships?

All individual have some responsibilities. Here in this case of students is also having some responsibilities. Relationships are the gift of god so try maximum to hold the relationship. In the case of a person, he or she has many relationships. There are so many types of relationships are there. All are not have some relationships. Solid relationships are an indispensable part of wellbeing and prosperity. A family shares passionate bonds, regular esteems, objectives and obligations. Family individuals contribute altogether to the prosperity of each other. Individuals who were helped to keep in mind upsetting relationships, then again, experienced much more pressure and higher circulatory strain. As a student, you also have some relationships so; you have the responsibility to maintain the relationships. In the case of a student, the main relationship is with teachers and also friends. A student and lecture relationship is very important. Keep it in mind after your parents next you should give the priority and respect your lectures. Generally we all know that after parents next priority of a child life is their lectures. Lectures are having the full responsibility of a child. A child first view their parents and child behavior is based on their family background and when they meet their teacher then, teachers study the student and buildup good characters. As a teacher, they also have some responsibilities. The main aim of a teacher is build good students. Students are the next future of our society so that only teachers guide students to become a good citizen.

As a student, you have some relations. A student should keep good relation with their lectures. A student and lecture relationship is always keep good way. As a student you need to score best marks in your academic. All students are having some goals but not all are have same goal. For reaching the goal, students need a guide; teachers are guiding the path for reaching the perfect goal. In the staring of your education time you are empty but ending of your course your brain is filled with more good things and you become a good person. As a student, you need to achieve your goal and for achieving the goal, you need to score best marks. In the academic, marks are given by lectures and the academic mark is depends on entire performance of you. If you not maintain good relationship with your lectures then you can't able to score best marks and also your lectures are not give good care for you and it affect your entire life very badly so, try to keep good relationships with your lectures and always try to impress your lecture. For maintaining good relation with your lectures first thing is that you should do, respect your lectures. Give full respect for your teachers and when you meet your lectures try to wish them happy face and try to score good marks. The main thing is that, a teacher also has some expectations on their students. Try to understand expectations of your lectures and keep good relationship with your lecture. For maintaining good relationship with your lectures you need to complete your academic task perfect way. For example, as a student, you need to do writing task. In the writing task, lectures are checking the quality of the content of the paper and submission date. If you submit paper which has plagiarism then definitely your lecture feel bad about you and here there is a big chance to break you and your lecture relationship. For avoiding this, try to submit quality paper within the proper deadline. By completing all task best way, give respect and your good behavior you can able to maintain good relationship with your teacher.

Another relationship that you should maintain is with your friends. Friendship is very best and strong relationship. Compare to other relations the friendship relation have one specialty. The specialty of friendship is that, we can share anything with our friends. If we have any problem that we not interested to share with others but we like to share with our friends. As a student, you also have some friends and try to always keep touch with your friends. For maintain good relationship with your friends, you need good communication skill and you should have helping nature. A relationship become strong, it's only based on your behavior with that person. If you not behave good way then definitely no one interested to speak with you and no one are like to make any kind of a relationship with you. First try to behave well with others and help your friends and if your friend have any problem try to give confidence and give good care for your friends. All are not coming from same family background so, help your friends and give love and good care for your friends then definitely you can able to maintain good relation with your friends.